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  • Reliable and long-life: AIR LINE pumping units are used by main manufacturer of caravans, buses, rescue vehicles, trucks , 4x4, craftmen. Our active references documenting average durations of 1500 hours. Normally portable compressors are intended for hobby and DIY market so the design provides an average duration of 150-300 hours. The duration of a compressor AIR LINE is 5 times higher.
  • Inexpensive: if compared on the actual durations, AIR LINE air compressors  are unbeatable in price.
  • Repairable: AIRLINE air compressors are repairable so easy and cheap. Therefore, after an long life with a little repair cost the air compressor returns like new. The expenditure is less than the purchase of a DIY air compressor.
  • Actual performance: characteristics shown in our data sheets  are real. AIRLINE pumping units can quickly reach the 12-15 bar;  the pressure switch  is calibrated to a standard 8-bar. Not working on limit values is that the pump will not overcharge and lasts longer. The absorption are lower than those present in the 12/24V air compressor market.
  • Made in Italy: AIR LINE air compressors are made with Italian and European components  whose quality standards are appreciated worldwide including China.
  • Technical Support: Conterservice's Technical Services is available to customers for the necessary technical clarifications to allow everyone the best choice for the requested use. If, for situations that are not budgeted by the customer, the product purchased is not suitable for the requirement, it may be replaced with another more suitable or refunded.
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